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Terms of Use

Postby Salem » Fri Apr 05, 2019 5:48 am

Article I

  • Section A [Trolling]: Trolling is not allowed and will not be tolerated. If you experience being trolled please contact a staff immediately by PM.
  • Section B [Harassment]: Harassment of any kind will be punished. We are trying to create a clean environment for people to have fun.
  • Section C [Forum Politics]: Forum Politics should be discussed via PM and not on a post or anywhere else. This is to avoid unnecessary conflicts from occurring.
  • Section D [Promotions]: The advertisements of forums and sites outside of our own are not allowed. However, youtube, twitch, and other channels are allowed to be advertised in the Advertisement forum.
Article II

  • Section A [Necro-Posting]: Necro posting is prohibited. The only exception is if you're bumping a topic after 24 hours of your last post.
  • Section B [Multi-Accounting]: Multi-Accounting is prohibited. In the case of 2 or more accounts the original account will take priority. This means that if you lost your password you should be clicking recover your password to gain access to your account. It also means that if another account is made that the 2nd account will receive the same rights as the first and/or deleted.
  • Section C [Spamming]: Spamming is not allowed. Posting Messages which contain under 5 words. Posting Messages which have nothing to do with the topic. Excessive Caps is considered spam.
  • Section D [Forum Liability]: We are not liable and do not assume any responsibility for any offense committed outside of Chat Ranger, its forums, and all media content copyrights belong to the proper entities.
Article III

  • Section A [Copyright]: Copyright is defined as the following things. Copying Articles from other websites and posting them without giving credit at the end of the post to the original owner or a link to the original site. Taking graphics from our site and using them somewhere else.
  • Section B [Staff Identity]: You are not allowed to create an account name that imitates a staff's username. Whether it be for trolling or for other reasons. If the staff complains you will be sent an email from the forum requesting that you change your username and if you don't comply we will have to remove your account from the forum.
Article IV

  • Section A [Forum Actions]: If the above rules are not followed on the forum then the following procedures will be followed in order unless there is a special circumstance in which staff need to bypass this due process. The first offense will warrant topic removal or deletion, the second offense will be a forum ban for 1-7 days, and the third offense will result in a permanent ban. For permanent bans they could be a account ban or an IP ban depending on the severity of the offense.
  • Section B [Exemptions]: As you know doubt can guess by viewing the rules above, we work hard to keep this place safe so we expect some sort of respect in that area. Therefore, staff impersonation will result in an account ban.
Note: These rules are subject to change at any time without notice.

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